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 Welcome to the Lexpo (Lobs) Newsletter for JANUARY 2018.

Keeping members and friends in touch for 49 years 

LAST UPDATED  29/12/17   Christmas review

Lobs (Lexpo) is a group of Customer Planners and Engineers who worked out of Warwick House Gt. Pulteney St Soho London in the West End District (Centre Area) in the 60s, 70s and 80s.  After over 49 years we still keep in touch, meet up for social reunions and arrange sporting events.  All our friends and colleagues from the West End District and other Old Boy groups (for we have contacts with many other BT Pensioner Groups ) and past Lexpo football members are welcome to join us free of charge. Our aim is to promote fellowship with past colleagues and friends and to keep in touch supporting each other. Lexpo has an old boys network  throughout the World - New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, France, Scotland, Barbados and the USA.  

Just getting the drinks ready for New Years Eve night.Wishing you all the best for 2018 from LEXPO

Hi John

How are you?

I noticed there wasn’t a reunion lunch this year!

As it were, I was in London on the 26th, 27th Oct to celebrate our anniversary. We splashed out on spending a night at The Ritz Hotel in London and also had High Tea on the following day. Frankly speaking, having experienced the `highlife’ in this grand old hotel and it’s quintessential High tea(£54pp), I shan’t go back there again unless it is free! Oh, the Standard room for a night costs £420 a night, you don’t even get a slipper or a bottle of mineral water let alone bottle of champagne. I get all these on a Cunard Queens’s Liner!

On a pleasant note, I am off my hormone therapy after the final implant in August. My last PSA reading was 0.02. I’ll need to have blood test every six monthly interval in order to monitor my PSA level is in a safe level! Thank almighty, I’ll live a good life again!

How about you, hoping it is all good and well, bless you!

It sadden me to read on Lexpo’s web news that so many of our colleagues had passed away in the pursuing years!

Well, we are all in our twilight years, let’s hope and wish all our colleagues good health, happiness and enjoy the best we can. God bless.


Regards to you and family


Chung  Reunion Lunch was held 19th October sorry Chung

Lexpo man Peter Pitts is the Programme Editor at Sittingbourne FC watch a good match here if you can.

Lexpo FC the early years




       PBX/Lexpo  Christmas Bash 15th December 1.00 pm Star & Garter  see you all there

 A good turnout well done you guys  a  nice afternoon was had by all. We wish you all a happy Christmas and Healthy new year.

Celebration Corner

Happy Birthdays for January

Peter Veale






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