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 Welcome to the Lexpo (Lobs) Newsletter for  JUNE  2019.

Keeping members and friends in touch for 50 years 

LAST UPDATED  23/6/19   

Lobs (Lexpo) is a group of Customer Planners, Project Managers and Engineers who worked out of Warwick House Gt. Pulteney St Soho London in the West End District (Centre Area) in the 60s, 70s and 80s.  After over 50 years we still keep in touch, meet up for social reunions and arrange sporting events.  All our friends and colleagues from the West End District and other Old Boy groups (for we have contacts with many other BT Pensioner Groups ) and past Lexpo football members are welcome to join us free of charge. Our aim is to promote fellowship with past colleags and friends and to keep in touch supporting each other. Lexpo has an old boys network  throughout the World - New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, France, Scotland, Barbados and the USA.  



Golf news:-  Tuesday 25th June at Huntswood Roy confirm ( I'll try to make Dinner)

50 years of the Lexpo Sports & Social club

Don't Get So Busy Making A Living, that you FORGET to Make a Life.

Stuart and I talked about

David Walton Lobs, I went to a telephone swap meet yesterday and picked up a Meter Multi Range No. 12. Look what was written in the lid. 😀

Bostik league awards and dinner finished, now for the music (Motown Kings). Shared table with Cray Valley PM and Hythe Town.

I'll be there soon Jim & John 

Thought this might give you a giggle John .....

Don't think I'll be volunteering!

Kind regards

John F
There are two pubs hopefully ?  Lexpo
Hello John 

Bumped into Jane and Pat at the Hill Top nursery garden centre restaurant just a few yards from the Weeley open space where daughter of Les Threadgold spent a happy day or two watching a sixties open air pop festival.    Both Jane and Pat were well and looking forward to seeing the whole family for Jane's 80th birthday party on Sunday .    Pat it would seem, was still smarting from the lunchtime twizzle defeat in the Warwick House  days.

The deep level for you I closed 3 sites in the City/Worldwide Networks

Wood St, Hounsditch and Horseferry Lateral to Rotunda

It is with great sadness that we have to inform of news about 

Mike East

15th April
Hi all thank you for Mikes (East)birthday wishes today, I’m Not too sure if you all remember Mike but thought I would let you know that Mike was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s five years ago and Now has no memory of his BT colleagues, in fact he knows I am Coral but does t realise I am his wife. It’s a horrible disease and has stripped him of everything, so very sad. That said he seems happy enough in Mike’s world except early evenings when he gets really agitated, I think that’s the norm for Alzheimer patients. Hope you are all well and thank you again for his birthday wishes. Coral x
Our thoughts and wishes are with Mike & Coral (FB messenger)
Tommy Graham Lobs Lexpo I will always remember him and Alfie Higgs what a team.
Tommy Graham Lobs Lexpo so very sad to hear about Mike East he was a great guy did not realise he had Alzheimer's for so long deepest condolences to all his family and friends

Mike joined us on planning just before I left and went to the City on the Wood St Project.  Mike took on his new role  as the Project Implementation Manager very well, when we won the British Museum wiring contract. He did a great job with no problems on this major customer project. Thanks Mike it was  very much appreciated  John Jack

Shame about Mike. A horrible disease. Mainly for the relatives. John Foskett

Thanks for publishing the sad news John.    Mick was always a friendly person who always had a smile when we met.    A nice honest  tribute John. Ron Howard

Murray Karpel Lobs Lexpo cheers John. Hope all is well with you and yours. Send my best to the old Lexpo gang 👍

I must say it’s getting harder to cope with being the last working BT engineer.  Mind you, someone has to pay all the pensions.

Best to all


Celebration Corner

Happy Birthdays for JULY

Andrea Covus 

Grahame Morse





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