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 Welcome to the Lexpo (Lobs) Newsletter for  OCTOBER  2019.

Keeping members and friends in touch for 50 years 

LAST UPDATED  1/10/19   

Lobs (Lexpo) is a group of Customer Planners, Project Managers and Engineers who worked out of Warwick House Gt. Pulteney St Soho London in the West End District (Centre Area) in the 60s, 70s and 80s.  After over 50 years we still keep in touch, meet up for social reunions and arrange sporting events.  All our friends and colleagues from the West End District and other Old Boy groups (for we have contacts with many other BT Pensioner Groups ) and past Lexpo football members are welcome to join us free of charge. Our aim is to promote fellowship with past colleags and friends and to keep in touch supporting each other. Lexpo has an old boys network  throughout the World - New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, France, Scotland, Barbados and the USA.  




Golf news:-   Pending

Lunch Dinner our 50th is planned for Thursday 24th October -  plan to join us.

We meet from 12.00 at the BT Tower Tavern Pub  to have a drink and proceed across the road to The Four Lanterns for a lunch to celebrate our 50 years together.

Lexpo French trip all be it nearly 50 years ago we had a Classic French Mussels Recipe - Moules Marinière with White Wine & Garlic Butter Sauce

Early days from Folkestone

Well this morning sees the end of the first 45 years of service.  They say the first 45 years are the hardest!  Not giving up just yet though so I’m still working hard for your pensions.  Best wishes to you all.




Geof Lawrence

Stuart and I talked about this - Nut & Bolt

I'll be there soon Jim & John 

Celebration Corner

Happy Birthdays for OCTOBER

Mick & Jane Cooper

Roger Goldsmith

Anthony Deepchand


The deep level for you I closed 3 sites in the City/Worldwide Networks

Wood St, Hounsditch and Horseferry Lateral to Rotunda




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