Lexpo Old Boys

Heading in to Mayfair this evening to celebrate Stephen's 40th !!!!

1st stop ..the whiskey shop alongside the Royal Academy in piccadilly that i think chop re blockwired ? and opposite Tramp the nightclub, haunt of celebrities,  where the owner once offered to take me to meet the pope if I would move the MDF out of the kitchen before the health and safety people closed them down

Then the Mayfair bar   home to alligators back in the day , can still hear P'OB complaining about how cold his cocktail was 

Happy days 

Then off to quaglinos .. where we will  thrown out by 10 00  !!!!😬

Wonder will Jack's be still going ??

At least I won't be risking the wrath of the black taxi drivers ...wanting to be taken to South London after midnight

Take care all

Jim          Lexpo  Best wishes to Stephen

Our thanks goes to Dave Fecamp (on the left) and the staff of the Star & Garter Poland St for arranging the Annual PBX/ Lexpo Christmas Reunions for the past 25 odd years. 2009 photos Roy Oliver

The Stars of Verona: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000mkkw via @bbciplayer

Watcing this brought back Happy memories of our Lake Garda anniversary trip

Jose carreras must have felt honoured to perform for Lexpo

Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end

Be safe out there
Take care

A great Lexpo celebration break thanks Jim, an excellent venue to see the lakes,Opera and mountains Thank you for the good idea & Lexpo people suggestion.

Thanks Jim

I watched the same programme bringing back some happy memories. Big singers, big females and a big audience what a Chopper coup who I think was selling cushions to the Italians. Best wishes to all, hope all goes well for our Christmas outing to the smoke.


Rose and Ron 

Thanks Jim, I’ll give it a look.

I think we were the real heroes. Was it four hours sitting on those stone steps, and my ‘whoopee cushion’ deflated soon after I sat down!

Yes, happy days!

Looking forward to seeing you at Enfield.

Dennis riding for the needy in Singapore

George Melly we would often see at Ronnie Scotts's Jazz Club.

 Welcome to the Lexpo (Lobs) Newsletter for  SEPTEMBER  2020.

Keeping members and friends in touch for 51 years 





Golf Tuesday 20th October Mitcham 

Hopefully you are all alive and well and distanced yourselves well Dear All


Its not the winning....it's the company 😊

Well done Mick

 It was really great day, sunny and very hot
Frank, excellent hosting
Looking forward to Mitcham


Its not the winning....it's the company 😊

Well done Mick

Celebration Corner

Happy Birthdays for SEPTEMBER
Andrew Aggersberg

Charlie Meyer

Keith Sanford

John Gray

Don Green

                   Brian Jack                        

Norman Shadbolt

Does anyone remember Norman Shadbolt? He worked on Sales in Oxford Street and Shaftesbury Avenue (and I believe in Clifford Street prior to that). He also worked in the bar. I had a letter from his sister-in-law advising me that he is now in a home for dementia patients in St Leonard’s. So sad. Pat (Wheeler as was)

Hello John 

like most of Lexpo FC I knew Norman who used to run the Sales football team who played at Regents Park every Saturday morning.  I played for Norman on a couple of occasions when he was short of a player, he must have known about my lack of skill.    Dave Daniels and Tony Malloy also played for his Sales team.    A chirpy personality with a friendly greeting when we met on and off the football field.   Sad news but pleasant memories.   Thanks Norman for the Saturdays that we all shared.
Ron Howard 
Pete Langley
Just heard Peter Langley ..Pete Langley is in hospital in Italy awaiting a heart operation, an original ..10 shillings shirts Lexpo man brought Brian Roman's into the team . I know all our thoughts and good wishes will be with him
Will keep you posted jim




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