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 Welcome to the Lexpo (Lobs) Newsletter for DECEMBER 2016.

Keeping members and friends in touch for 47 years 

LAST UPDATED  1/12/16 

Lobs (Lexpo) is a group of Planners and Engineers who worked out of Warwick House Gt. Pulteney St Soho London in the West End District (Centre Area) in the 60s, 70s and 80s.  After over 47 years we still keep in touch, meet up for social reunions and arrange sporting events.  All our friends and colleagues from the West End District and other Old Boy groups (for we have contacts with many other BT Pensioner Groups ) and past Lexpo football members are welcome to join us free of charge. Our aim is to promote fellowship with past colleagues and friends and to keep in touch supporting each other. Lexpo has an old boys network  throughout the World - New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, France, Scotland, Barbados and the USA.  

PBX/Lexpo Christmas party Star & Garter Friday 9th December

Please come and have a few beers, a good natter and catch up with old friends and the latest gossip.

John - coming to the Star & Garter on the 9th - what is the meet up time? 1.00 downstairs then upstairs about 2.00 private room but come in any time. Dave Fecamp is host - be great to see you there Tony LeBaigue




Val O'Brien

Sad to hear of the passing of our old friend Val , Ex Lexpo Chairman , Centre  Area Tennis / Table Tennis captain 
But will be remembered  by most for his dry humour and wry smile 

We , Lexpo , approached Val at our inception as we reached out from our football ( and bar )roots  and encouraged him to become our chairman 
He was an active participant in our many social activities , complaining bitterly once  ( tongue in cheek ) when his team were beaten in to 2nd place at one of our sing along evenings , by Ken Etherington , who went of script , abandoning our song sheets to give an old army rendition of Lili  Marlene 

Wasn't always a big fan of our other less family orientated activities but was a steady hand in the chair as we widened our activity base from football to , tennis , running  ,cricket ,  Judo darts  etc  and a myriad of social activities theatre trips , dinner and dances , trips abroad and so on  
He was always  calm  and would invariably have an amusing anecdote as we would be getting  animated about upcoming events    Jim for Lexpo

Hard Sad news as another old friend and colleague has passed away. I only found out he had passed away when I rang to tell him about Christmas and his wife told me that he died three months ago but did not know who to contact.
I shall miss Val and his sense of humour and remember the years we worked together with affection.

R.I.P.Old friend Bob M.message----to believe we will not see his wry smile again.  

Hi John I have received a letter from Vals wife with a cheque for £50 to buy his friends a drink in his memory at the xmas meeting.

As I wont be there I will pass the money to Dave Fecamp.

All the best Bob M.                                

Val and Bob a couple years back.


Dennis Baker- we missed it 
Don at home for his birthday



Golf Monday 9th January 2017 Mitcham GC Host Jim

PBX/Lexpo Christmas party Star & Garter Friday 9th December 

Interested in playing Golf with Lobs, why not join us, novices are welcomed. Come and join us for some fun, exercise and fresh air.  See the golf section and contact Mick or John.

December  Celebration Corner

Happy Birthdays

Ernest Reyes

Phil Goddard

Majorie Wann (November)



Breaking News. "Donald Trump arrested" Please if you see two police officers arresting Donald Trump on your computer screen, DO NOT click to read the news. It is a VIRUS. Someone has done that and it has infected their computer, I was told by someone I know.

Thanks for a good report Mick look forward to Reigate.   Yes I even managed to draw an Enfield member into the changing room with me, he did not know how to get out either.

What a great sight to see the chuckle brothers together in the buggy,  just like 103 Oxford Street without Les getting a little peeved ( Les's favourite word).    Both on top form, they did not miss an opportunity, brilliant.   Well done the lads.

No need to ask about Pat, we met in Tesco's with Jane taking the initiative and telling Pat that Rose and Ron just went by with a rattling shopping trolley.     Looking well and losing one and a half stone each, it was no wonder I missed them.   I mentioned that the golfers and Christmas drink members were always asking after them, and advised Pat to visit the Lexpo Web.



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 Breaking News. "Donald Trump arrested" Please if you see two police officers arresting Donald Trump on your computer screen, DO NOT click to read the news. It is a VIRUS. Someone has done that and it has infected their computer, I was told by someone I know.

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